My 2018 Self-Evaluation

Happy 2019. I just submitted my work self-eval for the calendar year 2018. I gave myself “Outstanding” across the board. Why is this unusual? I’ve never been a person that tooted my own horn. Even when I was in the Corps, I was the ultimate team player and I still am. What’s different now? I share an office with a guy who is basically 10 pounds of shit stuffed in a 5 pound bag. He makes 40K more than all the rest of us and does half the work. Our boss wears this guy’s shit on his nose like a Congressional Medal of Honor. It’s like they are married, seriously! If you didn’t know any better, you’d swear this guy had our boss’s nuts in his purse….if he carried one but I digress…..I don’t have ANY guilt about giving myself all “Outstanding” across the board because the eval isn’t going to amount to a hill of beans anyway. They’ve given us COLA raises the last 2 years….which means 10 pounds of shit got the same raises I did. He’s laughing at us all the way to the bank. I’ve mentored and managed a fresh-out-of-college millennial the last 2 years that would rather sit in his office and watch YouTube instead of doing what he’s supposed to. I’m done doing favors for him….taking extra work off his plate so he can run around and solve problems. The only thing he’s running around for is coffee and a hallway chat to start. Boss is oblivious. Conversations have been had over the course of 3 years and he’s taken no action whatsoever. There’s no real point in busting my ass here anymore. I’m biding my time until the right gig comes along and I’m out of here. I’m seriously being taken advantage of and I’m over it. I’m worth more. Here’s to a fabulous 2019 for everyone, God bless us all!


By wannabemgtow

I beg to differ

If this were true, women wouldn’t turn to bad boys for excitement and adventure. Also, women wouldn’t see 3rd wave feminism as the influence it is on them. 

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Equality Means Total Equality

This video came up on my Facebook timeline, give it a watch and then read my response to it:

My initial response is AWESOME….a man SHOULD participate in the household! I do dishes, laundry, clean toilets, mow yards and all kinds of other stuff. I actually enjoy it because when I’m done, I have a finished product that’s wonderful to look at and I feel like I’ve accomplished something. I even clean as a therapy tool….when I’m down or pissed about something, I use the motivation I have from that to do household chores because the instant gratification of a completed task makes me feel a lot better at the end.

However, WHEN ARE ALL THESE COMPLAINERS GOING TO GO TO WORK WITH THEIR HUSBANDS? You have no problems spending the hard earned money he makes on shoes and bonbons. You shower in the water his job provides. You eat the food his job provides. You drive the car his job provides. You live under the roof his job provides. You binge stream the Netflix his job provides on the TV running the electric his job provides. WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO GET EQUAL BY GOING TO HIS JOB TO HELP HIM WITH HIS WORK?? One more thing, HAVE YOU REGISTERED FOR THE DRAFT YET??

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Riveting Interview

This dude absolutely rocks…..the last time this woman was speechless like this was likely to be the last orgasm she had.

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